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Lightly Spiced Photography

Fine Art Photography


I'm a fine art photographer who explores the essence of nature often hidden in plain sight. My subjects are as minuscule as a few millimeters of iridescence on a soap bubble to vast, expansive landscapes. My portfolio is built on abstraction, play of light, and with a focus on colors and patterns.

I have spent over five years experimenting with specialized macro lenses, various custom setups, highly controlled lighting, and ingredients like detergents, glycerin, and guar gum, to create a diverse collection of vibrant, abstract art.

When outdoors, I try to capture my vision using a mix of the technical tools at my disposal. For instance, I could use a long lens, multiple exposures with varying apertures, and intentional camera movement together in the creation of one piece.

Making art is therapeutic for me as is an evocative response from the viewer. I have been fortunate to receive accolades in over 10 international competitions but the joy on the face of a wide-eyed child in my booth will always take the cake.

For more please visit my website and follow me on Facebook/Instagram.

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