About us

Some Backstory

Welcome to the Vancouver in Real Life About Us page!

Veita Project Inc. (“Veita Project”) was founded in 2021 by Trevor Hart as a weekend endeavor meant to help organizations and individuals obtain the needed support to push their visions forward. After spending nine years working at an investment management firm in Camas, WA, Trevor sold his house and most of his belongings to turn the weekend project into a full-time commitment.

Initially, the Veita Project platform aimed to offer a variety of services, including online crowdfunding, development tools for small nonprofits, and straightforward online storefront solutions for small businesses. However, a pivot became necessary after comprehensive testing and research, especially when challenges in identifying the target market online emerged. Specifically, there wasn’t an inclusive directory of Vancouver’s small businesses. This pivotal moment led to the birth of Vancouver in Real Life (“Vancouver IRL”).

Our Missions

Launched in fall 2023, Vancouver IRL is driven by three primary missions



To increase visibility for Clark County’s small businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and content creators.


Community resource

To serve as a single comprehensive community resource, facilitating the discovery of local services, entities, talent, and events.


Real-life connections

To foster real-life connections within our community.

What We Are Doing Now

Currently, Vancouver IRL is laying the groundwork to not only pursue these missions but also to extend additional services to the community. The platform you are currently visiting, vanwairl.com, aims to be a central hub for uncovering the diverse offerings within the greater Vancouver, WA area, shifting focus from the well-documented natural beauty and corporate entities to the vibrant local culture developed from within.

We warmly invite everyone to showcase their passions on VanwaIRL.com. This includes local businesses, nonprofits, organizations, artists, content creators, and any other entities you can imagine. Our goal is to continually enhance the website to better organize and simplify discovery for all community members.

Job listings and volunteer opportunities

Additionally, we’ve incorporated job listings and volunteer opportunities specific to Clark County on the website to streamline the connection between businesses and local talent, and to facilitate accessible volunteer engagements. The website also features an event calendar open to all, allowing for the easy posting and discovery of public events. Beyond these free listing opportunities, Vancouver IRL offers a membership program, providing additional benefits to subscribing organizations.

Informational mailers and catalogs

In our offline efforts, Vancouver IRL distributes free informational mailers and catalogs to reach those not active online, containing details about featured posts, job openings, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events.

Some More Backstory



Raised on a farm and ranch in rural North Dakota, Trevor graduated from a high school in a small town of 500 people, located 25 miles from his home.


Moving to Vancouver

Transitioning to life in Vancouver short after graduating from university, he quickly recognized the challenges “city” living posed in forming personal communities compared to living near a small town, particularly when one's job or personal interests fail to facilitate such connections.


Veita Project Launch

This realization after leaving his job, coupled with the internet's growing dominance and the culture shock following the 2020 pandemic, highlighted how easily one could slip into isolation.


Vancouver IRL

These personal experiences inspired a key aspect of Vancouver IRL's mission: to unite people, fostering a sense of community in an increasingly disconnected society.

Back to What We Are Doing Now

The greater Vancouver, WA area is home to numerous vibrant communities and groups, which can often go unnoticed if you aren’t looking for them. Our goal is to facilitate connections between individuals and these thriving circles. One of the ways we are striving towards this is by partnering with various organizations and community members to host accessible events that encourage face-to-face interactions. Additionally, we will be working towards creating a resource that showcases these various local groups and networks, making them more visible and accessible.

Passages to Success

One standout community we’d like to spotlight is Passages to Success, an organization dedicated to aiding small business owners through mentorship, networking, and mental health support. Trevor connected with them soon after the inception of VanWaIRL.com and now actively partners with Passages on various programs and events.

VancouverWA In Real Life

Our Team

Trevor Hart VancouverWA IRL Founder-img


Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart is the founder and only full-time person working on Vancouver IRL. He grew up on a farm and ranch in rural North Dakota and graduated from North Dakota State University with a B.S. in business management and political science. After graduating, he moved to Vancouver, WA where he worked at a money management firm for 9 years in various operations and program management roles. During his early years in Vancouver, Trevor volunteered as the Director of Volunteer Relations for Service Portland, a small nonprofit volunteer organization.


Melita Mesaric

Melita Mesaric is the developer behind VeitaProject.com and VanWaIRL.com. Based in Croatia, she is a web designer operating out of Zagreb, where she relocated after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business, with a major in Digital Marketing. Melita discovered her passion for web design while working as a project manager in a software development company. Now, she runs her own small business, specializing in creating custom and unique websites for a variety of businesses.

A message from Melita:

“I am grateful to be a part of the Veita Project and VancouverWA IRL team, as both projects aim to achieve more than just business objectives. What I love most about my job is the opportunity it gives me to creatively represent the ideas and visions my clients have for their businesses. My primary objective is to thoroughly understand their motivations, visions, and personalities.

Every website is distinct in terms of layout, content, and concept, reflecting the unique character and sensibility of each client, which also influences their business. My aim is to capture their distinctive personal touch, and with that insight, I design and shape their online presence.

In my leisure time, I enjoy exploring nature with my Jack Russell terrier and engaging in acrylic painting. Painting allows me to broaden my creative horizons through colors, shading, and texture. This not only relaxes me but also aids in my web design work.”