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Have you been thinking about marketing?

One of Vancouver IRL’s missions is to increase visibility for Clark County’s small businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and content creators. Advertising is one of the tools we utilize in our pursuit of this mission.

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It’s all about Clark County

As with everything we do, our primary audience is Clark County, WA.

Within your reach

We understand that traditional advertising can be intimidating and expensive, but it’s one of the most affective ways to tell the world “I am here!”. We want to make this powerful tool accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the territory or have limited budgets. We’ll work directly with you to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

Service Options

Direct Mail Advertising

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Digital advertising on

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Service beginning June 2024

Direct Mail Advertising

Unlock Direct Mail Marketing in Clark County: Affordable & Effective

Direct Mail doesn’t have to strain your budget. By sharing costs with other local businesses in Clark County, you can tap into an extensive audience affordably. Our all-inclusive pricing ranges from $0.055 to $0.290 per household, covering postage, printing, and last-mile design.
Your per household price will depend on two variables:
  • # of Sponsor Zones occupied (1 – 8)
  • # of Household Clusters (1 – 25)
  • On your own, the postage alone of sending postcards can run between $0.29 to $0.50/household. That doesn’t include design or printing. Source:

    Postcard Example Template | Side A

    Postcard Example Template | Side B

    How Our Service Works


    1. Express Interest

    Fill out the interest form below or use the Request Service or Perks Form in your user dashboard to get started.


    2. Customize Your Campaign

    Choose your quantity of Sponsor Zones and Household Clusters, and submit your artwork and promotional message.


    3. Queue and Confirmation

    We’ll queue your campaign and notify you when all slots are filled. Update any time-sensitive offers as needed.


    4. Design Finalization

    We’ll place your artwork and message into the final postcard design.


    5. Notification and Invoicing

    You’ll receive the estimated mail date and invoice. Discounts apply for multiple cluster bookings (deposits are required but refundable if plans change).

    6. Campaign Launch

    Your message or offer reaches thousands of households!

    What You Should Know

    Shared Space Savings

    Lower rates apply to postcards shared by up to 8 businesses. Solo sponsorships can expedite your campaign.

    Local Focus

    We currently serve only Clark County, WA, rotating through different areas (household clusters) to prevent market saturation. Requests for specific areas can be accommodated subject to availability.

    Volume Requirements

    To maintain low prices, the minimum order covers one cluster, ranging from 5,100 to 9,300 households.

    Smart Marketing Tips

    Start Small

    If new to direct mail, begin with one or two clusters to evaluate your ROI. Research indicates it often takes multiple impressions to drive customer action

    Engage with Calls-to-Action

    Use timely offers or promo codes linked to clear goals. Encourage visits to your online platforms or physical locations.

    Ready to Reach More Customers?

    Direct mail offers a tangible, personal touch in a digital world, proven more effective than many digital ads. Start your direct mail campaign today and see the difference it makes in your marketing results.

    Digital advertising on

    To ensure our site’s user data isn’t being collected and sold, we facilitate all our online marketing efforts in house. See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we care for our user data.

    One of our other missions is to serve as a single comprehensive community resource, facilitating the discovery of local services, entities, talent, and events. is the primary resource that we have made available to the community [Clark County, WA]. As such, we are dedicating limited space on our website’s pages for local messaging. Being that we are locally focused, a majority of our visitors (~80%) are from Southwest Washington and Northeast Oregon.

    Display advertising pricing

    The pricing for our display advertising packages is based on the following variables

    Average view count on the selected pages from the previous 90 days*

    • You can choose to display your message sitewide or on select pages if you are trying to target a specific interest.
    • We’ll share timely statistics with those who inquire

    Size of the ad placement

    • Full Page Banner
      Desktop:(1440 x 130px
      Mobile: (450 x 120px)
      Sole sponsor on the page
      Cost: $5 per 1,000 views
    • Half Page Banner
      Desktop: 720 x 130px
      Mobile: (200 x 120px)
      Page is shared by two sponsors
      Cost: $3 per 1,000 views
    • Large Rectangle
      Desktop: 550 x 350px
      Mobile: 550 x 350px
      Page is shared by 4+ sponsors
      Cost: Cost: $5 per 1,000 views

    Duration of placement

    • 30 Days
    • 60 Days (10% discount) – Coming soon
    • 90 Days (20% discount) – Coming soon

    Demand and Performance

    We reserve the right to adjust our prices based on demand for the space as well as based on the historical performance of the placed ads.

    Subscribers to our Premium – Level 2 membership earn $50 in credits which can be applied towards any of our advertising service options.

    • Earn $50 in credits every month
    • Credits accumulate and never expire
    See the disclosure on our General Listing Options page for more details

    Marketing Inquiry

    Interested in learning more?

    Please fill out the information below

      If you are registered on, you can fill out this form or use the User Request form in your user Dashboard.

      *We use Google Analytics to calculate site and page traffic