12th Annual Catio Tour

Vancouver, WA Vancouver, Washington, United States

The 12th Annual Catio Tour, Saturday, September 7, will showcase 10 total locations, including five catio sites in Portland and another five in Vancouver WA! With crafty, creative, and clever designs, these catios will offer great ideas that fit any budget and space. This year’s self-guided tour will include some of the area's best catios ranging from professionally designed to DIY.  Come see what feline bliss looks like on our tour of catios designed with felines and birds in mind. Hosted by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, Bird Conservation Oregon, and Bird Alliance of Oregon, the Catio Tour was created in 2013 to inspire cat owners to build or buy an outdoor cat enclosure to keep cats safe from outdoor hazards, while also protecting wildlife from cat predation. Funds raised through this event help to educate people on keeping their Cats Safe at Home™ which helps protect cats and birds in our community. For more information, visit CatsSafeAtHome.org.