Vancouver IRL’s Job Posting Service

Vancouver IRL’s Job Posting Service

Welcome to Vancouver IRL’s Job Posting Service

Thank you for considering for advertising your job opening. We are dedicated to helping you connect with job seekers in Clark Co. Please note the key features of our service to ensure the best experience:
Benefits of Local Business Listings-Vancouver-WA

Service Scope

Please be aware that does not provide candidate or resume management services. Our focus is to help you reach audiences not typically accessed by traditional job listing services.

How we will display your job posting

Our Directory

All active job listings are viewable in the Jobs section of our directory.

Social Media Postings

Weekly updates on our Meta Pages, featuring a variety of formats to optimize click and conversion rates.

Reddit Posts

Similar to our social media updates but reaching a different audience.


Active job listings are featured in our newsletters.

Catalogs (90-day or Unlimited options only)

Dedicated pages in our quarterly catalogs showcase active listings with QR codes directing candidates to our Jobs page

Local Scene Screen (Beta Test)

Job listing slides are included in slideshows at select establishments in town. This feature is in the testing phase, and we aim to include your listing where possible.

Select job listing option

Check our options and choose the best plan for you

Strategies for using our Job Listing platform

Full Job Application Form

Create a complete form using our options. Receive application details and resumes via email.

*See example on how to build an application form below*

External Application Link

Provide a job description, omitting the application form, and include a link to your website or another service.

Direct Contact

Post a job description without a form or link, and instruct candidates on how to contact you directly within the description.

Posting Duration and Visibility

  • Choose between a 30 or 90-day active period for your job posting.
  • Users who are subscribed to Premium – Levels 2 or 3 will have access to the Unlimited option which allows for an unlimited number of job listings which can be left up indefinitely
  • Only 90-day and Unlimited listings will be included in our quarterly published Catalogs.

Managing Your Listing

  • Edit or delete your job posting at any time from your Dashboard.
Benefits of Local Business Listings-Vancouver-WA

Our Commitment

We cannot guarantee applicant responses, but we assure broad visibility for your job listing. We appreciate your trust in and look forward to supporting you in your recruitment efforts.

How to build an application form while creating your job listing

01 |

Click “Add” on the Application Form Building section of your job listing form. This will expand the Form Builder.

02 |

A. Dropdown with a variety of input validation choices (ex. Text, Number, etc.) along with a “File” upload option.
B. The label for the added field which will be visible on the front end of the form.
C. Example text that is displayed prior to the field being filled out. (optional)
D. Require the field is filled out appropriately for the form to submit.
E. Once you have multiple fields created, use this to drag the field up or down if you need to change the order in which they are displayed.
F. Delete the field.
G. Add an additional field.

Form Builder Key


Here is an example of how a simple application form looks in practice:
What you see while building it:

03 |

After the listing is published, job applicant will be able to select the “Click Here to Apply” link on your job listing.

“Click Here to Apply”

04 |

They will then see the form you created
Once they submit the application, you will receive an email containing the completed fields and any included attachments.