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Our General Listing Options

Create a FREE listing or choose from three membership options: Premium Levels 1-3, each designed to further boost your visibility and engagement in and around Vancouver, WA.

As we continuously innovate, find your perfect fit with our evolving offerings and join our vibrant community. Check our Pricing Key for more details. Nonprofits receive complimentary Premium – Level 1 access.* 

If you are creating a listing for a nonprofit organization, select the Basic (free) option. We’ll automatically upgrade your listing to Premium – Level 1 after reviewing your provided Tax ID.

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General Listing Options


FREE listing


  • Listing on

Gain local prominence by creating listings on These listings are publicly available, driving increased visibility and connecting you with potential customers in our vibrant community.

  • Event Listings
Amplify your events by listing them on our Local Event Calendar without any limits! From public gatherings to private garage sales, enhance visibility and potentially boost attendance by leveraging early listings for better search engine discovery.
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In addition to 'Basic' features
  • SEO Optimization

We’ll Improve your business online presence even more through enhanced search engine optimization. Being listed on our directory-style website can elevate your position in search results, leading to better visibility and organic traffic.

  • Featured in Vancouver IRL - The Catalog

Secure a spot in upcoming quarterly catalog, distributed to our community for free. This feature places your offerings in the hands of the community and showcases your venture alongside local favorites. We aim to start publishing these catalogs in Q3 ’24. 

  • Event Series Guest Host

Take the spotlight by guest hosting in one of our Event Series. Engage directly with the community and share your expertise or services in a dynamic, interactive setting. More information on our most recent Event Series HERE.

  • Passages to Success (“P2S”) – Monthly Event Tickets

Enjoy complimentary access to one P2S event, with an admission fee, each month (excludes "conferences"). Learn more about P2S HERE

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In addition to Level 1's features
  • Free Job Listings (Unlimited)
Post unlimited job listings to attract talent and support. Your listings will be promoted across various platforms, including Reddit, Meta, our newsletter, the Catalog, maximizing reach and engagement.
  • Free Promotional Service for Volunteer Listings (Unlimited)
We’ll directly advertise all your listed volunteer opportunities across various platforms, including Reddit, Meta, our newsletter, the Catalog, maximizing reach and engagement.
  • Passages to Success (“P2S”) – Membership Discount

Save $40/month on a P2S Membership. Learn more about P2S HERE

  • VIP Entry to ThriveCon

Receive one free VIP Entry to P2S’s ThriveCon. Learn more about ThriveCon 2024 HERE!

  • Exhibitor Booth at ThriveCon

Complimentary Vendor Booth at P2S’s ThriveCon, elevating your visibility among industry peers. Space limited; early application advised. The booth application can be found HERE. Note “Vancouver IRL” in the comment section.
*Subject to availability and application approval; Premium Level 2 membership must begin prior to 7/1/2024” – link “HERE”

  • Complimentary Consultation, Service, and Product Packages*

Enjoy a complimentary consultation, service, or product package every three months from one of our referral partners. You can utilize your first package immediately after your successful membership registration.
*See the below disclosure for more details.
Our Referral Partners and available packages

  • Advertising Credits
Earn $50 of advertising credits every month (unused credits roll over). Credits can be applied towards display ads on and towards our direct mail services (coming soon!).
More information will be announced soon but you can start accumulating credits today!

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In additional to Level 2's features
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
Invest in our community and your brand by sponsoring our webpages, communications, and other content. We’ll work with you to identify where it makes sense to display your branding - pages, mailers, or our events.
Email us at to schedule time to discuss this opportunity.

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Our Referral Partners

Smoother Consulting

Specific Services

Data and Reporting Consultation

Specific Deliverables

A consultation that results in a comprehensive list of recommendations based on the client’s current data structure and goals

Additional Information

Unlock the potential of your organization’s data with our comprehensive consultation service. Tailored specifically for small business owners and nonprofit organizations, our consultation dives deep into understanding your data landscape and identifying opportunities for optimization and growth. An expert analyst will work closely with you to create a data strategy to unravel insights, providing invaluable feedback and personalized recommendations aligned with your unique data objectives. Gain the competitive edge by harnessing the power of your data effectively and efficiently with our consultation service.
Learn More:

Stack 7 Strategies LLC

Specific Services

Photo Session

Specific Deliverables

60 minute photo session, 12 digital photos for download, custom online viewing gallery, 25% off Portrait Prints

Additional Information

We work with you to capture your audience with digital marketing and professional photography services that leave a lasting impact. From headshots and team photos to product photography and social media branding our professional photography services elevate your business image. Digital branding and photography is a powerful tool that enhances visibility, engages customers, and drives sales, making it a fundamental element of contemporary business strategy.
Learn More:

Serendipitous Behavior

Specific Services

Social Media Management Consultation

Specific Deliverables

A 30-minute discovery call on the client’s current social media after a service level diagnosis. Followed by an hour consultation session on next steps to reach their social media goals.

Additional Information
As a social media company, our goal is to not only take a task off your plate but do it with a strategic plan. Serendipitous Behavior will help customize a strategy that helps you reach your goals and improves ROI, all while being creative and true to your brand’s identity.
· Storytelling : Being authentic and establishing a connection with their audience
· Goals: Deliverable actions we want to focus on, for example Exposure, Engagement, Reach, Conversions, Customer Loyalty, etc.
· Analytics: What is working and what is not
· Content: What do you have and what do you need
· Education: Development for your team or even for yourself
· Customizable Plans: No two brands are the same
Learn More:
Anh Lee Marketing Consultant

Anh Le Marketing Consultant

Specific Services

Marketing Consultation

Specific Deliverables

15 minute discovery session followed by a 1 hour consultation meeting.

Additional Information

As a Marketing Consultant, my primary goal is to help you improve your marketing efforts to achieve specific business objectives, such as increasing sales, expanding market reach, building brand awareness, or improving customer engagement.
Strategy Development: Collaborating with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to their goals, budget, and target market. This may involve identifying the most effective marketing channels, messaging, and positioning strategies.
Campaign Planning and Execution: Planning, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns across various channels, such as digital advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and traditional media.
Brand Development: Assisting clients in defining and refining their brand identity, including brand positioning, messaging, visual branding elements, and brand voice.

Complimentary Consultation, Service, and Product Packages Disclosure

Eligibility and Package Access

This benefit is solely for subscribers of the “Premium – Level 2” and “Premium – Level 3” plans on, managed by Veita Project Inc. (“Company”). Qualified subscribers are entitled to one complimentary consultation, service, or product Package (“Package”) every three months, coinciding with their membership anniversary. The first Package is made available immediately after successful plan registration, and a Company representative will contact members to facilitate scheduling with our referral partners.

Package Utilization, Expiration, and Membership Changes

Subscribers must utilize their complimentary Packages within 1 year from the date each Package is earned, or they will expire. Subscribers can accumulate up to four Packages at any given time. Packages have no cash value, and members are not entitled to refunds for unused or unclaimed Packages. Upon termination of membership, all unused packages immediately expire and no refunds or credits will be issued for these unused packages.

If a subscriber cancels and then reinstates their membership, the complimentary service benefit will not resume immediately. Instead, it will reactivate three months following the membership reinstatement date, aligning with the subscription’s quarterly anniversary.

Scope and Additional Services

The complimentary services or products included in these entitlements are pre-negotiated with referral partners. Subscribers are responsible for confirming with the referral partner whether a specific service or product is within the scope of their complimentary entitlement. The Company is not liable for additional expenses related to services outside the agreed-upon scope.


Referral Program and Partner Interaction

The Company acts as an intermediary in the referral program and does not guarantee the continuous availability or quality of services from referral partners. The list of currently available referral partners and their respective Packages are detailed in the “Premium – Level 2” features section. Partners and offered services or products may change, and specific services or products cannot be guaranteed. Complimentary packages are valid only when claimed through the Company’s specified referral process; deviations may invalidate the benefit.

Ongoing Engagement with Referral Partners

Subscribers may use services from the same referral partner multiple times to continue existing projects, subject to the inclusion of these services in the complimentary package.

Integration with Terms of Use

This disclosure serves as an extension to the Terms of Use. Subscribers are encouraged to review the complete Terms of Use at to understand fully their rights and obligations under the service agreement, which includes detailed provisions for dispute resolution, amendment policies, and limitations of liability.

For any questions or further information, you can contact us at

Advertising Credits Disclosure

Eligibility and Access

This benefit is available exclusively for “Premium – Level 2” and “Premium – Level 3” plan subscribers at, operated by Veita Project Inc. (“Company”). Subscribers accrue $50 in advertising credits each month, following each successful membership payment. These credits can be applied toward display ads on and/or towards the Company’s direct mail services. For detailed information on applicable services, please visit

Credit Accumulation and Usage

Credits are designed for one-time use to discount the Company’s advertising services. There is no cap on the amount of credits a subscriber can accumulate, and they can be used at the subscriber’s discretion. At the point of purchase, the total cost of advertising services will be reduced by the amount of credits used. Any remaining costs must be covered by additional payment.

Credit Expiration and Refunds

Credits have no cash value and are non-refundable. If a membership is terminated, all accrued but unused credits will immediately expire, and no compensation will be provided for these credits.

Monitoring Credit Balance

Subscribers may check their current credit balance at any time by emailing or by completing the Service & Perk Request Form available on their Dashboard.

Integration with Terms of Use

This disclosure serves as an extension to the Terms of Use. Subscribers are encouraged to review the complete Terms of Use at to understand fully their rights and obligations under the service agreement, which includes detailed provisions for dispute resolution, amendment policies, and limitations of liability.

For any questions or further information, you can contact us at