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Vancouver in real life logo bi color - web

Welcome to the future home of Vancouver in Real Life!

Vancouver in Real Life (“Vancouver IRL”) will be your one-stop destination for discovering what the community of the greater Vancouver, WA area has to offer:

Small/Micro Businesses

Explore our vibrant community of entrepreneurs and uncover the hidden gems that make our local businesses thrive.


Find available services, a cause that resonates with you, and rewarding volunteer opportunities within our community.

Content Creators

Discover and follow the talented individuals in our area who are creating engaging and exciting content.

Job Listings

Browse through local job openings and explore opportunities within the Vancouver area.


Join or post meetups, events, and even garage sales that are open to the public. Connect with our community in real life!

Blog Posts

Stay informed about upcoming market events and be entertained by our unique take on restaurant reviews.

survey regarding the platform

What do you think?

If you are interested in listing on Vancouver IRL or if you have a connection to the Vancouver area, we kindly ask that you participate a survey regarding the platform. Your feedback will help us better serve our community, and you will have the opportunity to pre-register your listing so that it is made public at launch!*

See below for more information about the platform prior to taking the survey

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefits of Local Business Listings-Vancouver-WA

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Additional Information about Vancouver IRL

While visiting the platform will always be free, we will be implementing a small listing fee in the future. This fee will allow us to provide additional value to our listing clients. Here’s what you can expect from us

Benefits of Local Business Listings-Vancouver-WA

Extensive Advertising

A significant portion of the revenue will be allocated to advertising the platform and the listed clients through social media, print media, and community-centric websites.

Locally Focused

With a focus on the greater Vancouver, WA area, the advertising efforts will be concentrated on reaching your target audience

Social Media Advocacy

We’ll share platform updates and client posts, actively advocating for the listed individuals/entities

(coming Q4’23) Simple E-commerce Websites

For those that don’t have websites, we will be offering to build and host simple storefront pages. Users will have full control of the sites to manage their online businesses. Unlike other platforms, I won’t charge percentage-based fees.

We are genuinely excited about the potential of Vancouver IRL and the positive impact it can have on our community. Our goal is to bring the community together, and we plan to launch in the late summer.

Thank you for supporting Vancouver IRL, and we eagerly anticipate your participation in the survey.

-The Veita Project Team