Our pricing model

Our Tiered Pricing Structure

Explore four tailored pricing tiers at Basic (Free) and Premium Levels 1-3, each designed to boost your visibility and engagement in Vancouver, WA. Enjoy everything from free local listings to exclusive sponsor benefits. Non-profits receive complimentary Premium – Level 1 access. As we continuously innovate, find your perfect fit with our evolving offerings and join a community vibrant with opportunity. Check our Pricing Key for more details.

If you are creating a listing for a nonprofit organization, select the Basic (free) option. We’ll automatically upgrade your listing to Premium – Level 1 after reviewing your provided Tax ID.


Our Pricing Model





  • Listing on

Gain local prominence by creating listings on These listings are publicly available, driving increased visibility and connecting you with potential customers in our vibrant community.

  • Event Listings
Amplify your events by listing them on our Local Event Calendar without any limits! From public gatherings to private garage sales, enhance visibility and potentially boost attendance by leveraging early listings for better search engine discovery.
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In addition to 'Basic' features
  • SEO Optimization
We’ll Improve your business's online presence even more through enhanced search engine optimization. Being listed on our directory-style website can elevate your position in search results, leading to better visibility and organic traffic.
  • Featured in Vancouver IRL - The Catalog

Secure a spot in our quarterly catalog, distributed free to local establishments. This feature places your offering in the hands of the community and showcases your business alongside local favorites. We aum to publish catalogs at the end of each quarter (Mar., Jun., Sep. Dec.). See our most recent issue HERE;.

  • Event Series Guest Host

Take the spotlight by guest hosting in one of our Event Series. Engage directly with the community and share your expertise or services in a dynamic, interactive setting. More information on our most recent Event Series HERE.

  • LSS Slides (Beta Test)

Participate in the beta testing of our Local Scene Screens (LSS) by displaying slides at selected venues. It's a unique opportunity to capture the attention of a broader audience and boost your local presence. More information about the test HERE

  • Passages to Success (“P2S”) – Monthly Event Tickets

Enjoy complimentary access to one P2S event, with an admission fee, each month (excludes "conferences"). Learn more about P2S HERE

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In addition to Level 1's features
  • Free Job/Volunteer Listings (Unlimited)
Post unlimited job or volunteer opportunities to attract talent and support. Your listings will be promoted across various platforms, including Reddit, Meta, our newsletter, the Catalog, and LSS, maximizing reach and engagement.
  • Passages to Success (“P2S”) – Membership Discount

Save $40/month on a P2S Membership. Learn more about P2S HERE

  • VIP Entry to ThriveCon
Receive one free VIP Entry to P2S’s ThriveCon.
Addition information for ThriveCon 2024 coming soon!
  • Exhibitor Booth at ThriveCon

Complimentary booth at P2S’s ThriveCon, elevating your visibility among industry peers. Space limited; early application advised. We’ll notify you once applications for 2024 are made available.
*Subject to availability and application approval; Premium Level 2 membership must begin prior to 7/1/2024



In additional to Level 2's features
  • Sponsor of Vancouver IRL - The Catalog
Elevate your brand by becoming a sponsor of our Catalog. Enjoy a half-page feature and be mentioned in all communications about the Catalog, increasing your brand recognition and connection with the local community.
  • Event Series Sponsor
As a sponsor, enjoy prominent branding opportunities and mentions in all event communications. Benefit from free entry to all ticketed events, offering prime networking opportunities with attendees and guest hosts alike.
  • LSS Display Sponsor
Sponsor a Local Scene Screen and have your logo displayed on a plaque alongside the LSS of your choice. This exclusive offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis and allows for significant brand visibility in high-traffic areas.