Local Scene Screen Test

by | Jan 9, 2024 | News

We are thrilled to present the Local Scene Screen (“LSS”) Prototype, an initiative designed to be a unique option for showcasing local offerings.

This is more than a venture into providing one more advertising medium; our hope is that it grows to become a conduit that shines a light on the vibrancy of our community.
The LSS Prototype is a modest, 12″x12″ shadow box featuring a 10″ digital display, designed to integrate into local venues. It showcases a rotation of slides or silent videos, highlighting local businesses, nonprofits, events, and opportunities. Positioned above the display, a description card outlines the LSS’s purpose, along with a QR code that links to a survey for viewers to share their thoughts and feedback. (Note: This description card is provisional for the test phase and won’t be included in the final version.)

How the LSS Works:

The LSS displays various content (see example slides Here), including:

  • Self-promotions from entities listed on VanWaIRL.com.
  • Updates about local events, community news, and job/volunteer opportunities.
  • Specific content tailored to host venues.

Content will be regularly updated to ensure freshness and to give all participants an opportunity to experiment. Each slide will feature a unique QR code, allowing viewers to learn more and providing us with valuable metrics for all contributors.

Expected Benefits of the LSS

  • Vancouver IRL users should be able to expand their messaging beyond their existing networks in a cost-effective manner, increasing visibility and interactive engagement with a wider audience. After an expanded rollout, the aim will be to offer them a selection of venues for displaying their content.
  • Hosting venues not only receive dynamic wall art that could earn them supplemental revenue, but they can also utilize it to display menu items, announcements, or any other content they believe their patrons will enjoy. Venues will also have flexibility to remove content that doesn’t align with their character. Additionally, we are providing complimentary VanWaIRL.com Premium subscriptions to hosting venues and are exploring additional perks to drive traffic to their establishments.
  • Patrons of the venues will have the option to learn more about local events, offerings, services, and opportunities. Our hope is that they discover a new local position that they want to support

The Test Phase

As we embark on the test phase, our focus is on learning and adapting to ensure the LSS delivers tangible benefits to all parties involved. We’re looking to collect feedback, understand effective content placement, and highlight the diverse passions and opportunities within our community. The test itself will take place over several months with only a handful of LSS being deployed.
We’re committed to collaboration and continuous improvement, believing that the LSSs can become a valuable asset to the greater Vancouver area. Join us in this exciting journey as we work together to bring this innovative vision to life.

We are actively seeking additional venues to host our prototype screens. If you manage a venue and are interested in exploring the possibility of participating in our test phase, please reach out to us at VanWaIRL@Veitaproject.com We will share a detailed test overview and arrange a meeting to discuss the opportunity further.

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