Upcycled Mason Bee Houses


Join us for an enlightening and hands-on workshop dedicated to the champions of pollination: mason bees. As organic and wildcrafting gardeners, we understand the pivotal role these bees play in our ecosystems, especially in the context of climate change and the crucial pollination process. Unlike their more famous cousins, the honeybees, mason bees are native pollinators that have a remarkable ability to bolster the health of our gardens and local environments.

Mason Bee Basics: Dive into the fascinating world of
mason bees. Learn about their life cycle, the vital role they play in
combating climate change, and how they differ from honeybees.

Upcycled Bee Houses: Roll up your sleeves and join us
in crafting bee houses from upcycled materials. We’ll offer a range of house options, from free (milk jugs) to premium (up to $20), or bring your own suitable item. We’ll guide you in choosing your house, decorating it with found and foraged materials, and preparing it for your garden.

Next Steps for Bee Care: Discover how to care for your
mason bees throughout the seasons, ensuring they thrive and continue their essential work in your garden.

Sustainable Practices: This year, we’re thrilled to collaborate with a local permaculturist who champions the use of teasel stems for bee habitats. This innovative approach repurposes an invasive plant, reduces carbon footprint, and provides a preferred natural housing option for the bees.

Why Attend? This workshop is more than a gardening
class; it’s a step toward a sustainable future. You’ll leave not only
with a unique, eco-friendly bee house and new pollinator friends but also with the knowledge and inspiration to make a real difference in your local environment.

Materials and Deployment: Included in the cost is a bundle of teasel stems with live bees inside (approx. 20 bees), found & foraged materials for you to use in your house and a handout with
all the info we’ll talk about in class to take home and reference later.

All participants will have the opportunity to purchase additional
materials for their bee houses. This is just an additional offering, and
not necessary to enjoy this class!

We aim to have your bees settled into their new homes by mid-March to early April, perfectly timed for the spring bloom.

Join us and be part of the movement towards a more
sustainable and bee-friendly world. Together, we can make a difference, one bee house at a time.



Mar 15 2024


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


606 Main St, Vancouver, WA, United States, Washington 98660


Kindred Homestead Supply