History on Tap: History a-Brewin’: Lucky Lager Untapped

 Clark County Historical Museum kicks off its 2024 History on Tap season at the Kiggins Theatre on Thursday, February 22nd with historians Tyler Castle and Pat Franco presenting “History a-Brewin’: Lucky Lager Untapped.” The program will celebrate the 90-year history of the Lucky Lager Brewing Company through an exploration of past marketing campaigns, memorabilia, and other pieces of the company’s past.

Founded in San Francisco in 1934, Lucky Lager Brewing Company was one of the first major breweries to open in the Pacific Northwest after Prohibition. The company’s flagship beer, Lucky Lager, quickly became a popular choice for beer drinkers in the region. From 1934 until 1982 Lucky Lager’s iconic brew was produced in Vancouver and served as a dominating fixture in Downtown Vancouver. Embark on a nostalgic adventure as we delve into the captivating narrative of the brewery – tracing its early beginnings to its enduring legacy in Vancouver’s brewing scene.

Pat Franco, a renowned historian in the realm of beer memorabilia, has passionately curated and collected artifacts since the age of 17, starting his journey in 1980. Specializing in Lucky Lager Brewery, he has become the go-to authority on the brand’s history, earning a well-deserved reputation as the most prominent historian in the field. Explore the fascinating world of brewing through the eyes of a dedicated collector and historian, as Pat Franco brings the story of Lucky Lager Brewery to life.

Tyler Castle, born in Vancouver, WA, is a longtime collector of all things Lucky Lager. Tyler has been around Lucky since birth with family members working there including his father, Larry Castle. Tyler is passionate about saving all the history from the brewery be it physical or stories. Over the past 30 plus years he has amassed the largest Lucky Lager brewing collection in the world in a big part through his longtime friendship with Patrick Franco.

Before the main event, see if you can figure out which tidbits of history are true and which ones are fake in our newest segment, “A History and A Lie”. And watch as contestants battle for the title of “King of Trivia” during Clark County Trivia.

Tickets to History on Tap are $5 in advance. Admission is free for CCHM Members and $10 non-members at the door. Purchase your tickets at the Kiggins Theatre Box Office or online at kiggintheatre.com.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event begins at 7 p.m.

This month’s History on Tap season is presented by Archaeological Services, LLC. Program support provided by Versa Events.