Countryside Ride’s Washougal Times Honkytonk Extravaganza!

Hardcore Honkytonk Music from 8-11pm! Full band featuring:
Bret Ervin – guitar and vocals
Josh Todd – guitar
Jessica Renee – bass guitar and vocals
J.D. Cunningham – pedal-steel guitar
Dusty Rust – Drums and vocals

“It’s more than just fashionable fools donning cowboy hats and bolo ties–the music of classic country has also been in the throes of a pocketed resurgence. Indie musicians in their 30s have started paring down their layers, adding pedal steel, and discovering folks like George Jones, Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard–songwriters who did more with less. The johnny-come-latelys would do well to take a gander at Countryside Ride, who aren’t old-timers, but spot-on, honky-tonk preservationists capable of teaching a master class. The Clark County, Washington, group knows what it takes to make a great bar band: For a decade they’ve played mostly covers with easy, ego-less finesse and aplomb. From the plunking stand-up bass, to the swinging, minimalist drums, to the crisp, plucky Telecaster twang, to the love-sick croon and hootin’ hollers, Countryside Ride is as timeless and sturdy as their vernacular.”
— ANDREW R TONRY, The Portland Mercury


Mar 09 2024


8:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Washougal Times
1826 E st, Washougal WA


Countryside Ride